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Cleric of Township Rebellion

Cleric of Township Rebellion

I have toiled and traveled the lands of Norrath for more years that I would like to admit; however, each passing year I grow closer to my guild and myself. I have enjoyed my time in Township Rebellion and will call it home until my toon is no more.  Although I no longer have the time to spare for my Norrathian friends (and enemies), I may one day fight anew.

Kijari sputtered and coughed as she ascended up through the grave.  “It's always the dead that call you back,” she said.

The cold earth talked to her as she clawed her way out of the grave.  The earth worms began to sing with her arrival.

“Yes, yes... joy and happiness. I'm so sure you are glad of my arrival.  What pressing matter requires my attention now?” she scowled as she dug her fingers into the ground. “I was enjoying my rest.”

“Salute,” she said as she glanced around at the graves on the cemetery grounds. “What is unbroken, can never be broken.  I never left you.”

Township Rebellion

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